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Punched Hole Shutters


London Shops Front is pleased to provide you with the best possible punched roller shutters. These shutters are mainly used for business that want maintain a high level of visibility within their premise while ensuring the highest level of security is maintained.

Generally used for commercial purposes, these shutters allow the owner to secure their property while allowing merchandise to be displayed. Mainly operated by an electric motor, the ease and convenience of these shutters are in a class of their own.

There are several different styles and types:

Punched roller shutters with open hole
Punched and glazed roller shutters
Brick bond – punched in the shape of a brick
In-line – punched in line

These quality shutters are usually fitted with a tubular powered motor with a key switch or remote controlled fob. These are highly popular for car parks where airflow is crucial but the level of security needs to be to the highest of levels. Our shutters are built for continuous use and are made to withstand the test of time.