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Automatic Doors


Our extensive ranges of automatic doors are designed for diverse range of public or private businesses. Our years of innovation have led us to cater for any individual needs of a business.

We design each automatic door to provide its own unique benefits to cater for every business, some of the stand our features are:

• Adaptable and low on-going maintenance costs – excellent long term entrance solution for any business
• Safety system in place to allow the highest possible protection for all ages
• Available in many different colours and styles such as single, bi-parting and telescopic options for narrower entrances
• Attractive and cost-effective solution.
• Durable for all weathers and wide range of application for all environments.
• Suited for high traffic environments such as supermarkets where limited space is available.

automatic doors

There is no other company that will beat the prices that we provide, we have been a specialist in automatic doors for over 35 years, give us a call for the best possible quote on the market.

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