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Glass Partitioning


At London Shop Fronts & Shutters, not only do we cater for the needs of individual shop owners but we also specialise in glass wall partitioning. Not only is this most economical and flexible approach to any office floor layout, glass partitioning can deliver privacy in almost any open plan environment.

In many cases, glass office partitions rather than your conventional solid partition can give a numerous amount of benefits; our toughened glasses can ensure that your office has a modern feel with the state of the art design for aesthetic purpose, it allows for natural light and extra visibility when required that will last almost a life time. Glass partitions are well known for its durability and are less prone to damage by moisture in the atmosphere, they give a great sense of space and are the main choice for any office.

glass partition

Our toughened glass walls are the prime choice for office partitions and can be used for both framed and frameless structures. They meet the highest safety requirements with the added benefit of enhanced security.

We also provide our consumers with our innovative switchable glass, this innovative option gives more versatility to the glass in just a flick of a switch, you can control the visibility of the glass partition. They provide an instant privacy barrier that allows for greater control of light and atmospheric heat. This premium alternative allows for greater flexibility when dealing with an ever changing office environment that needs to adapt do different requirements.

Our glass partitions are there to ensure safety so it is of paramount importance to apply a glass film; this ensures safety is inline with building regulations. This allows for any potential mistakes to be averted. There are a number of different types of finished such as:

Normal frosting
Coloured and personalised designs
Corporate branding
Manifestation film and etching

Benefits of Glass Partitioning

Modern and streamlined
Light and airy
Privacy for staff and or customers
Enhanced security

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