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External cladding in aluminium and glass is becoming increasingly popular in property development and architecture, and London Shop Fronts provide experienced curtain walling installation and fabrication for projects around the UK. 

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    What is curtain walling?

    Curtain Wall for Commercial Projects in the UK

    Curtain walling is a form of external cladding that is used on the exterior of buildings. It’s non-structural, and its main purpose is to protect the internal part of the building from the elements (including extreme weather conditions) and keep the people inside the building in. 

    It can be made from a variety of materials, including glass and aluminium. 

    Curtain walling can be used to create a variety of finished looks, ranging from modern to traditional interpretation. 

    It’s typically seen on more modern buildings and high rises who want to benefit from as much natural light as possible. 

    When working with experienced architects and builders, curtain walling can often improve the energy efficiency of a building. 

    Working with experts to fabricate and install your curtain walling system is important, because mistakes and changes can be very costly indeed. 

    What materials can be used for curtain walling systems and external cladding?

    Two of the most popular materials for curtain walling are aluminium and glass, both of which we fabricate in our UK factory (and have done for over 25 years). 

    Glass is a very popular choice because of the benefits of natural light. Specialist glazing is required for curtain walling to ensure that the finished curtain walling system is weather-resistant and secure.

    Both glass and aluminium are lightweight and strong materials, ideal for use in external cladding projects of any size. 

    Our team of experts can help you create a custom curtain walling system that will meet your exact requirements.

    Plus, the fact that our end-to-end process is UK-based, including factory fabrication, means that you can enjoy your new facade sooner rather than later.

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